"Become a Part of The Voice of Science in Kentucky"

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For the Educator

The Kentucky Academy of Science provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information via presentations at the Annual Meeting and publication in the Journal, published twice yearly.

KAS also provides research funding for faculty in Kentucky higher education institutions, public of private, involved primarily in undergraduate education. These competitive one-year grants may be for work related to any KAS subject area, and can be renewed through submission of a second proposal. Past grants have been as high as $13,000.

The Marcia Athey Fund and the Botany Fund also provide funding for research planned and conducted by students of Kentucky secondary schools, colleges, and universities under the supervision of a faculty member.

Photo of researcher in a biotech laboratoryFinally, KAS recognizes the accomplishments of its members through annual awards including a Distinguished College/University Scientist, an Outstanding College/University Teacher and an Outstanding Secondary School Science Teacher.

For the Industry Professional

The KAS Annual Meeting and Journal provide an outlet for independent research efforts as well as access to current academic research. The annual meeting also provides an opportunity to see Kentucky’s brightest and best science students demonstrate their abilities as prospective interns of potential employees for your organization.

Networking with KAS scientists, whose fields range from anthropology to zoology, provides numerous opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and community service.

The Academy also recognizes a Distinguished Professional Scientist (in a non-academic position) in its Superlative Awards program.

For the Student

The KAS Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to present student research results in an oral of poster format. A noncompetitive presentation can provide an excellent learning experience, while the High school students working in a science laboratory. Undergraduate Research Competition provides cash prizes as well.

In addition to the Marcia Athey and Botany grants, the Academy sponsors two undergraduate research grant programs, Undergraduate Research Supply Grants and Summer Undergraduate Research Grants, which support student research efforts.

For the Commonwealth

Since 1914, the Kentucky Academy of Science has sought to serve the citizens of Kentucky through:

1. stimulating effective communication among all scientists within the Commonwealth.

2. fostering the interaction of science with other sectors in seeking solutions to major social and environmental problems.

3. providing expertise and advisory assistance to state and local governments in areas of science and technology.

4. promoting the interest of Kentucky youth in science and encouraging them to consider science as a profession.

This last objective is carried out through the efforts of the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science, which conducts its own annual meeting and research competition for middle and high school students.

For Your Information

The Kentucky Academy of Science publishes a Newsletter three times a year; it is available under the Publications link of the KAS website.